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The Royal Brow Gel

We love those beautiful voluminous eyebrows! To accentuate this even more, use The Royal Brow Gel. This transparent, waterproof gel keeps your eyebrows in place all day without feeling sticky or flaky. 

The light, transparent formula makes it a great product that you can use as the last step in your brow routine, after applying The Royal Brow Pencil in the right shade.
But of course you can also use it separately without the Brow Pencil for a natural look! 

How to use:
Use the eye pencil however you like, but if you want to go for a blended eye look, pay attention now. Make sure to smudge the kohl line within 20 seconds of application. After 20 seconds, the eye pencil color stays firmly on your eyelid. And then we really mean: impossible to move