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Bamboo Reusable Remover Pads

Take your cleansing routine to the next level! These natural, reusable bamboo pads are incredibly soft and perfect for removing your makeup with your favorite cleanser. We recommend using them with our Gentle Cleansing Balm. After using you can simply wash them using the laundry bag and reuse them.

The pads are made from sustainable bamboo, which means they are not only good for the planet, but also for your skin! Bamboo naturally has antibacterial properties, which makes it perfect for cleansing your skin. 

How to use:
Apply our Gentle Cleansing Balm onto a dry skin and use your fingers to gently melt away all your makeup. Wet your hands and massage them again onto your skin for a deep cleansing effect. Grab a Bamboo pad and wet it. Gently glide the pad over the skin to remove all makeup. After using the pads they can be washed using the enclosed laundry bag, so they will be ready for another use.