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With our Luxury Lashes you will never have to go another day without lashes again. The Lashes are natural and lightweight so perfect for daily use. The Lashes come in many different styles, suitable for every occasion, so there is always the perfect lash for you. Thanks to the extremely thin lash band, the Luxury Lashes are incredibly easy to apply and remove, so you can reuse the Luxury Lashes up to 20 times!

Alaya: The Natural Luxury Lash is extremely light and very natural. Alaya has a black lash band.

How to use:
Carefully remove the luxury lashes from the packaging. If necessary, cut them to the right length, so that they are perfect for your eye shape. Place the lash in the Queen Tarzi Lash Applicator and apply the glue. Wait a few seconds and then attach the middle, before sticking on the sides. Squeeze the lash together with your own lashes using the Lash Applicator.

Removing the lashes is just as easy as applying them. Gently pull the lashes from the outside inward, so that you neatly pull the whole thing off. Remove the leftover glue and place the lashes in the packaging, ready for next time! Any glue residue on the eye can be easily removed with our Gentle Cleansing Balm