Our Story


Who was Queen Soraya Tarzi?

The name Queen Tarzi is not a random choice. Our brand is named after the powerful woman Soraya Tarzi, the Afghan queen in the nineteenth century. As the wife of King Amanullah, she ruled Afghanistan for three years. In a society and time where women were considered minorities, this beauty fearlessly stood up as an advocate for women's rights and education for women. Afghanistan has never known such a powerful, talented female leader, and progressive QUEEN as Soraya Tarzi since.

Meet our CEO & Founder

Manizha Nabizada is a living testament to resilience and determination. Forced to leave Afghanistan as a child due to war, she sought refuge in The Netherlands, where she tirelessly worked to turn her dreams into reality. Manizha's love for beauty in all its forms fueled her journey from humble beginnings to building Queen Tarzi from the ground up. Today, she stands as a strong, resilient, and empowering figure, inspiring others to overcome challenges with grace and determination.

Founder quote

“Empowerment is found in every small victory, every step taken with courage, and the belief that our voice, no matter how quiet, can make a difference.”


Beauty That Empowers

Queen Tarzi was established in 2016 in response to the surging demand for cruelty-free beauty products. Our inception was driven by a commitment to women's empowerment, a cause that lies at the heart of our brand's philosophy. We aspire to create a line of beauty products that not only adheres to ethical standards but also embodies our dedication to providing affordable, high-quality, and vegan alternatives that unequivocally reject animal testing.