False Eyelashes: What You Need to Know About These Beauty Must-Haves

False Eyelashes: What You Need to Know About These Beauty Must-Haves

False eyelashes are artificial lashes used to lengthen, thicken, and/or curl natural lashes. They are often employed to enhance the eyes and create a dramatic appearance. Various types of false eyelashes are available, including strip lashes and individual lashes. Strip lashes come in one piece and are applied across the entire lash line, while individual lashes are applied separately for a more natural look.

False eyelashes are crafted from different materials, such as synthetic fibers, human hair, and mink hair. Queen Tarzi lashes are made from synthetic fibers, and our lashes are cruelty-free; they are not tested on animals.


Applying false eyelashes may require some practice, but we offer various instructional videos and tutorials on our website to assist with the application process. It's essential to ensure that the adhesive used for lashes is safe for use around the eyes. Queen Tarzi's adhesive has undergone extensive testing and is considered safe. One notable feature of our adhesive is that you don't have to wait long before sticking. Once applied, it won't shift or loosen.


Proper maintenance is crucial when wearing false eyelashes to prevent damage or dirt accumulation. Carefully removing false eyelashes is important to avoid harming natural lashes. With Queen Tarzi adhesive, this process can be done safely.


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