How to Apply Lashes Like a Pro with Queen Tarzi

How to Apply Lashes Like a Pro with Queen Tarzi

Longing for lush, elongated lashes? Applying lashes with Queen Tarzi false lashes and lash glue is the key to a stunning gaze. Dive into this blog to discover all the essential steps for effortlessly applying lashes. With this knowledge, you'll confidently step out soon with beautifully accentuated eyes!

Step 1: Choose Your Perfect Lashes
Before you start applying lashes, it's crucial to select the right false lashes. Whether you're going for a subtle daily look or a striking evening variation, Queen Tarzi offers various styles that perfectly match your desired appearance.

Step 2: Prepare Your Natural Lashes
Ensure your natural lashes are ready for the transformation. Clean them thoroughly and, if needed, curl them with an eyelash curler to guarantee a seamless connection with the false lashes.

Step 3: Apply the Lash Glue
Apply a thin layer of Queen Tarzi lash glue along the edge of the false lashes. Be sparing with the glue to avoid issues during application. Let the glue dry for about 10 seconds to become slightly sticky.

Step 4: Place the Lashes
It's time to apply the false lashes. Place them gently as close to your natural lash line as possible. Press the lashes down gently with a Queen Tarzi tweezer or your fingers, ensuring they adhere well.

Step 5: Finishing Touches on the Lashes
Further accentuate your lashes by working on them with mascara for extra volume and shape. Consider trimming the lashes for a perfect fit around your eyes.

Step 6: Lash Removal
At the end of the day, if you wish to remove the lashes, do so gently to protect your natural lashes. Thanks to Queen Tarzi's special glue, removal is as easy as application. Store the lashes in the provided box for repeated use.

Transform your look and embrace the power of beautiful lashes with Queen Tarzi. Explore the endless possibilities and enjoy a stunning gaze for every occasion!


Applying lashes is a simple way to create a beautiful gaze.