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How do you apply the most beautiful eyeliner?

How do you apply the most beautiful eyeliner?

Applying eyeliner may require some practice, but with the right technique, you can create beautiful lines along the lash line for a lovely and refined look. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you apply Queen Tarzi Royal Liner.

Step 1: Choose the right eyeliner. There are different types of eyeliners available, such as liquid, gel, and pencil liners. Choose the one that best suits your skills and preferences. We have the Royal liner and eye pencils in our range. Both are waterproof.

Step 2: Start with a clean, dry, and oil-free eyelid. Use eyeshadow primer if needed to keep the eyelid smooth and oil-free.

Step 3: Gently pull the eyelid upwards with your free hand to create a smooth and tight base for applying the liner.

Step 4: Start from the middle of the eyelid and work outward along the lash line. Make small, short strokes and then connect them to create a continuous line. You can also start from the inner corner of the eye and work towards the middle.

Step 5: To create a winged eyeliner look, sketch a small outline of the wing with the liner. Start at the end of the lash line and draw a line upwards towards the eyebrow. Then, draw a slanted line downwards to create a triangle and fill it in with the liner.

Step 6: Ensure that the line along the lash line is even and neat. If you make mistakes, you can correct them with a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover.

Step 7: Let the liner dry and then optionally apply the Queen Tarzi Royal mascara.

With these steps, you can apply beautiful eyeliner. Remember to practice and experiment to find the perfect look for you